The idea for the film came from a location I saw while driving between Charlotte NC and Greensboro, NC. There on the side of the road, were piles of rock and sand that were meant for road construction. For some reason, I imagined a pair of horns coming out of the sand as an idea for a photo series. The photo series never happened. Instead the idea sparked my fascination for bullfighting. I found myself researching its origins in mythology and tracing them to present day. A larger story began to emerge during the last five years the more I recognized the delicacy and brutality of this performance art. People such as Hemingway or even greek philosophers paint a multitude of feelings and beliefs about the origins of bullfighting/torero. I am baffled that something can be deemed barbaric but accepted due to its origins and sophistication. I paint the picture as an observer that has no ties or allegiances. I am but a spectator that seeks to better understand the beautiful and violent nature of torero